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John & JoAnna Eldredge, Missionaries To Ecuador

What will we be doing there?
Because the ministry we will be assisting in is a developing vision, we will be used in as many phases of the work as possible.  Below is just some of the areas we will be ministering in:   

Helping to raise up a church in Tumbaco, Ecuador.
John will be discipling and training an Ecuadorian gentleman name Luis (John prayed with him to receive salvation during an altar call) to start raising up a church in Tumbaco.  There are already 30 people who meet in his bible study.  Luis has a call on his life and, like John, has a real heart for evangelism, but needs discipline and oversight.

Helping to start up a new ministry/outreach in Cumbaya, Ecuador.
Cumbaya is located in the valley, twenty minutes outside of Quito.

Minister and possibly pastor in the different ministries developing at La Palestina Church in South Quito.
La Palestina is a new church in South Quito pastored by Chris Ranalli.  The church's evangelism school and youth outreach center will be opening in the next couple of months, so we have both been asked to help in anyway we can with those ministries as well.

In short, we will be directly involved in church planting, discipleship/training and youth & children ministry.

We will be working under Veteran Missionaries Chris & Becky Renalli.  We share the same vision of evangelism with a firm commitment to real discipleship.  We know God is going to make a powerful impact on the nation of Ecuador, South America!

We are very excited about where God is placing us, and we are looking for people to partner with us and share in the vision.  If you have a heart for reaching the lost, or feel God wants you to be involved with us in this ministry, there are a few ways you can help.

  • Most importantly, we ask that you pray for us.  We always need our friends agreeing with us in prayer and available for us to bring prayer requests to.  We believe that a strong foundation of prayer is powerful and crucial in achieving God's ministryEphesians 6:18; Philippians 4:6

  • Also, we ask that you seriously seek the Lord on what you can do to help us financiallyWe will be doing more traveling within Ecuador and putting funds into a new church.  We conservatively need to raise $2,000 a month in financial support so that we can stay long term on the mission field.  We are specifically praying for people who feel led to support us on a monthly basisRomans 10:14,15

  If you would like to send us a tax deductible donation, please make your check out to:
Raiders Of The Lost
P.O. Box 4771
Mission Viejo, CA 92690

Or email us with any questions regarding our ministry by clicking the mailbox icon below.

We would love to hear from you!

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