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Mission Ecuador


Our Weapon Against the Enemy

Written by John Eldredge
My first opportunity to preached, I spoke on my favorite subject, "The Most Important Thing!"  And what's that you ask? To Know Him. Recently, I shared on a subject titled "The Armor of God", which is found in Ephesians, chapter 6.
I remember once when a leader from a church in the States told me how he puts on the armor of God every day. He told me that every morning he would put on his helmet of salvation, gird his waist with truth, shod his feet with the gospel of peace, (etc.) and would motioned as if he was actually putting something on. I'm sure he meant well, but you know something? The devil is real

and we are not playing dress up! The only way to put on the helmet of salvation is to BE SAVED.  The only way to take up our sword is to KNOW THE WORD OF GOD.  If we as Christians do not know what God's word says, then we are like soldiers that have no weapon whatsoever against the enemy.   
I remember an incident that happen to me when I was a backslidden Christian attending public high school. I was having a discussion with one of my teachers, who made it obvious he was not pro-Christian. Trying to justify something he had done, he told me, "Well, if you go by what the Bible says, if some-

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Dear Friends and Family:
     We landed in our "New World" almost 9 1/2 weeks ago and a lot has happened since then! We are happy to report that our family is adjusting exceptionally well and have successfully settled into our new home.     
      John is already preaching Wednesday nights, and once in a while in the youth services.  Next month John will begin teaching in Comunidad de Fe's Bible Institute. Right now he is constructing a web site for Comunidad de Fe under
     Starting the 23rd of this month, John will be in the jungles of Ecuador! He, along with several members of  Comunidad de Fe's ministry team, will be in Coca, Ecuador for 10 days as part of their evangelistic outreach to the Indígines (Indians).  Witchcraft is the predominate "religion" there, so we ask that you please join us in prayer - that God will move mightily, with signs and wonders following, and that many Indígines will be radically saved.
      This month I was blessed to teach twice at a teacher's seminar here in Quito. The first day I taught on "How to Build Christian Character in our Children", the second day on "Biblical Discipline". This September I will be teaching English, Poetry and World History in Comunidad de Fe's bilingual school, Victory Christian Academy. Danny and Davie will be attending Pre-kinder and Nursery part-time at the school while Mommy's at work.
      We know it takes a WHOLE team to reach the lost for Christ. We're glad to be on that team, and we're glad you are too. If it weren't for people like you, we couldn't be here to do our part. Thanks again for your love and prayers!               

  - JoAnna

Jesus is the Answer!

Written by JoAnna Eldredge
What began as just a strike, ended up nearly bringing about political upheaval. It began when bus and taxi drivers started  striking, ironically on July 4th, in protest of Ecuador's soaring gasoline prices. During the governments conflict with strikers, several other factions arose. Each one voicing publicly their disapproval of Ecuador's dismal economic state and of the current president's inability to fix it.
If that wasn't enough, thousands of Indígines began their march on the capital of Quito a few days later, demanding social and economic reform to help reverse "all the years of discrimination they had suffered". The Indígines were more radical in their demands than the strikers. They made it known through the media that if their demands were not met, they planned to take down the President and replace him with a leader more sympathetic to their cause. 
The church here in Ecuador prayed earnestly that the protest would end quickly ... and miraculously it did!  We are convinced it was the
effectual fervent prayers of the Christians that brought to

The city of Quito, Ecuador.

"nought" the plans of this radical Indígines group.
     But there is even better news. In the midst of Ecuador's economic and political turmoil, SOULS ARE BEING WON FOR CHRIST.
Due to years of political corruption, the people's hearts in Ecuador have become hard and untrusting. But through the light of the gospel, we have seen many of those hearts change. It doesn't matter the political condition of a country, it is the heart condition that God is ALWAYS more concerned with.
Jesus himself ministered during a time of political unrest. The nation of
Israel's was under the strong arm of the Roman Empire. But He knew, more than freedom from tyranny, His people needed freedom from their sins and for that reason He came.
This is the message that is being preached here in Ecuador. Men may fail us, but God is always faithful and if we will put our trust in Him, we will never be ashamed!

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